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About Us

Purpose Building was founded in 2018 by a team who have been working together for up to 20 years creating high performance building solutions and a great workplace environment. To maximize our impact, we have created an employee-owned company focused on service excellence rather than growth. Our model is to create opportunities for professionals who excel at collaboration with each other and with a network of like-minded experts.


Creative - Pragmatic - Focused: Purpose Building develops solutions for healthy, long-life buildings that work in a low-carbon, circular economy. We apply decades of experience in pragmatic innovation and high performance collaboration to optimize financial and physical performance. We know what works, and what doesn’t, when going to the next level for New Build, Deep Retrofit, and Operational Improvement projects in each asset class. By working with Purpose, you get the results you want.

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Our Role

We fit our role to the challenges you face. We can supplement your management team, create a procurement process or act as a full-service provider through collaborative team management. We always start by applying deep, diverse knowledge to define and meet your specific needs.



Our Team

A dynamic team using high-performance collaboration
to create a better future for society.


Douglas Webber, P.Eng, LEED AP

Doug has focused on creating high performance buildings for over 25 years. After general contracting and building off-grid demonstration homes, he joined Halsall in 1999. He led Halsall’s Green Planning and Design practice to become a national team serving new and existing building markets Following WSP’s acquisition of Halsall, Doug led WSP Canada’s Sustainability and Energy business line. He has delivered performance modeling, certification services, retro-commissioning and portfolio performance management across all asset classes, at all scales and all phases of asset life. He is Chair of the CaGBC’s newly formed Zero Carbon Steering Committee. Doug was recognized as one of Canada’s Clean 50 in 2013.


Eric Chisholm, P.Eng., CEM, LEED AP

Eric has been providing strategic direction and technical solutions to sustainability and energy management for over 10 years. He most recently served in the role of Manager of National Energy Performance, Sustainability & Energy at WSP. His experience delivering carbon reduction strategies, portfolio planning, energy audits, retro-commissioning, and LEED certification has supported hundreds of individual properties across Canada and portfolios representing tens of thousands of properties. Eric was named an Emerging Leader in Canada’s 2016 Clean50.

Luka Matutinovic, P.Eng., CPHC, LEED AP BD+C

Luka has spent 13 years working with the other Purpose Building Principals improving the performance of the built environment. He combines detailed knowledge of building design, operations and project delivery, and thrives on making advanced technical solutions possible. To achieve this, he focuses on integrating performance analytics into the design process to improve how people work together. The result is elevated value-creation at the project, team and organizational levels. Luka has acted as the sustainable design lead on over 100 projects in nearly all asset classes, including LEED Platinum, Passive House and Zero Carbon projects.



Peter Halsall, P.Eng, MASc

Peter excels at driving change; developing commitment and finding innovative solutions within existing supply chains and financial models. As Chairman/CEO of the Halsall group of companies, Peter led the integration of sustainability into all aspects of the businesses and services through growth to over 350 people. After Halsall’s sale to an international company, he was responsible for creating the company's global sustainability program. Most recently, at the Canadian Urban Institute, he led the development of Solutions for a Low Carbon Future. He has been recognized with Lifetime Achievement Awards by CaGBC and the Canada Building Envelope Council.


Stacy (Xi) Sun, MASc, BES, LEED GA

Stacy is an experienced building performance analyst. She is focused on integrating performance analytics - including energy, daylighting and thermal comfort - into the design process. Stacy holds a Master’s degree in Building Science and a Bachelors in Environment & Business. Before Purpose Building, she worked at WSP in Toronto and Transsolar in New York. Since 2013, she has volunteered with the CaGBC Toronto Chapter including the Emerging Green Professionals Committee. In 2018, she was recognized for her dedicated efforts as a finalist for CaGBC Ontario Volunteer Leadership Award.

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Matthew Hirsch, B.A.Sc., LEED AP O+M

Matthew has nearly 10 years of experience developing practical sustainability solutions for some of Canada’s largest commercial office developments and multi-unit residential communities. He focuses on meeting each client’s particular sustainability targets through all stages of the journey. He has experience in building performance benchmarking and auditing on all  scales of projects, and has been involved with over 50 LEED projects. Matthew brings an interdisciplinary background and experience, and uses this to take a collaborative approach to understand complex problems, distill clear actions and empower clients with the strategies and tools they need to achieve their desired outcomes.


Daniele Magditsch, M.A.Sc., B.Sc., LEED AP O+M

Daniele has been providing sustainability and energy consulting for over 6 years. She has managed projects pursuing LEED, BOMA BEST, WELL, and TGS, among other sustainability certifications.  With degrees in  Environmental Biology and Environmental Applied Science, Daniele brings a passion for improving the relationship between the natural and built environments., Daniele worked with the Principals of Purpose Building for 4 years prior to joining Purpose Building and was a third-party Toronto Green Standard Evaluator for the City of Toronto.


Alex Hugo

Alex has been applying advanced building simulation to develop solutions for high performance buildings for the past 10 years. As technical director for the design of healthy, low-energy buildings, he develops processes and tools that support our best-in-class client services and provides oversight for their use on projects. His focus is on improving decision-making through the proper use of modelling throughout the design process to test alternatives and validate innovative design solutions. Prior to joining Purpose Building, Alex worked with the Principals of Purpose Building at their prior firm for 9 years.



Emma Rohmann, P.Eng., LEED AP

Strategic Partner

Emma has over a decade of experience in green building and community design, construction, and operation. As project manager at Halsall, she led multi-disciplinary teams with a focus on existing building and community-scale projects. She was a key team member on award-winning projects that include Waterfront Toronto's Minimum Green Building Requirements and Evergreen Brickworks. Over the past 3 years, Emma has leveraged her environmental engineering and green building experience to focus on achieving indoor spaces that support long-term health. She has created engagement and wellness materials for GM Canada, Toyota Canada, and is a sought-after speaker on environmental health and green living. 

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What We Do


Sustainability Coordination

Achieving better-than-industry performance requires having a team committed to better outcomes and knowing where to shift the supply chain. To create this focus, we deliver:

  • Alternatives Benchmarking: We provide project teams with demonstrated solutions for managing carbon emissions, energy use, health factors, durability, materials, capital cost and operating costs.

  • Market Understanding: To identify opportunities that generate maximum value, we define what is normal, what has been done and what best fits the project priorities.

  • Progress Tracking: We develop practical measurement processes aligned with the priorities and thoughtfully communicate outcomes to inspire the team and desired market.

Performance Analysis

Having the appropriate metrics and tools ensures you achieve the desired performance over the targeted timeframe. We develop and steward the performance targets through the development process to remove barriers and keep the team focused on solutions with:

  • Performance Modelling: We apply modelling processes matched to each situation to guide decisions through planning, design, construction, commissioning and operations.

  • Design Support: To provide the design team with quantitative advice and solutions we apply knowledge gained from studying the operations of existing buildings and whole building performance and financial analysis used in new development. New and existing buildings are linked in our services, and of course in reality.


Asset Improvement

Sustainability performance is increasingly important for even gracefully aging real estate assets. We support each stage of planning and implementation to help achieve the full potential of each property:

  • Opportunity Discovery: We deliver Energy Audits, Recommissioning, Operations Tune-ups, and Deep Retrofit Studies to identify and evaluate the most effective opportunities for improvement at a property.

  • Project Delivery: We work with asset teams to effectively define sustainability requirements and plan for the chosen retrofit. We engage stakeholders and integrate the plan into design, procurement and construction.

  • Performance Management: We track performance, define appropriate action with operators and managers and communicate progress.

  • Certifications and Recognition: We manage your pursuit of recognitions and certifications. Examples include LEED, WELL, Energy Star, Zero Carbon Building Standard, etc.

Portfolio Programming

Achieving maximum value across a portfolio involves identifying the best opportunities for performance improvement and developing programs for optimizing implementation. We develop solutions to align performance with the corporate mandate, through:

  • Strategy Development: Establish opportunities for optimizing operating costs, client retention, market positioning, social commitment, rating system results or a carbon strategy. Evaluate technical and financial feasibility with predicted impacts to develop strategic alternatives.

  • Program Implementation: We work with corporate staff and property managers to operationalize and implement the chosen strategy. We measure performance and translate the data into compelling, actionable messaging that makes the path to success clear to the different audiences within the organization.

Contact Us

425 University Avenue, Suite 401, Toronto, ON M5G 1T6 | 416-613-9113